A father and his six-year-old child injured in a two-alarm fire that broke out in their apartment on 24th and Treat Avenue early Thursday morning remain in serious condition, according to relatives.

The father, Mohamed Shaibi, who owns Maurice’s Liquor store on the ground floor,  remains at San Francisco General Hospital with his six-year-old and another 16-year-old who is in stable condition.

Shaibi’s wife, Nicarai Caleb, 37, and their 13-year-old child were taken to Saint Francis Hospital, where they are being treated for smoke inhalation injuries.

This morning, relatives of the Shaibi family were trying to salvage the family’s belongings.

Shaibi’s cousin, Sabr, said he was working in Fresno when he got a call and immediately drove to the Mission. He said he had been by the hospital and that Shaibi and the younger child are in bad condition.

Sam Shaibi, Mohamed Shaibi’s brother, who lives in Daly City, also stopped by the charred apartment this morning. He drove up in a green truck to see if anything was salvageable. “My parents came down to the hospital. They live in Stockton,” he said, adding that his brother and the six-year-old child are not doing well.

When the two-alarm fire broke out Thursday at 4:30 a.m. on 3044 24th Street, a neighbor who lives three houses down smelled the smoke and went to see what was going on. The neighbor, identified only as Moises, found a group of people outside a second-floor apartment that was clearly on fire. The group busted down the gate and another wooden door. They went upstairs and faced flames.

Firefighters soon arrived on the scene and rescued the family. Mohamed Shaibi and two children, 16 and six, were found unconscious and were taken to the SFGH. The 16-year-old regained consciousness on the way to the hospital.  Shaibi and the 6-year-old regained a pulse, but remain in serious condition.

Two doors down at Alley Cat Books, owner Kate Rosenberger said she hopes the Shaibi family recovers soon. One of the Shaibi children visits the bookstore often.

“I think his name is Basil,” she said. “He comes in all the time and he is always on a skateboard.”

Rosenberger recalled that Basil jumped at one of the typewriters that had been set up in one of the storefront windows during a Writers in Residence event and “just sat on the chair and started pounding on the typewriter,” she said with a smile.

Rosenberger tried to convince him to get a library card, but when Basil refused she set up a book loan sheet behind the desk and ordered books related to skateboarding for him.

Fundraising efforts are still in the works, but Mary Hogue and Aerin Willey from Mission Praxis, which is across the street, have set up a donations fund from the store.

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  1. That’s basil alright I haven’t seen him in 2years but man why Amal why any of them they were so loving