The service center known as Walden House, which provides support to parolees, GED candidates, and others in need, has transitioned some services from its location on 15th and Mission to the HealthRight 360 headquarters down the street, and others to a new location on Howard and 6th streets which opened on January 20th. Walden House has leased the space for about 20 years, and the lease ends this month.

Amy Lessler, a spokesperson for HealthRight 360, which runs Walden House, said the move came as part of an effort to consolidate services — and a well-suited space for outpatient services opened up in the organization’s headquarters on Mission and 13th streets. The Bridges program, which provides day treatment for parolees, and the payee services program, have transitioned to the SoMa location.

Steven Drolapas, the property owner, said some work needs to be done on the building but that he is currently looking for a new lessee, and that he is unsure what will fill the space next.

Meanwhile, HealthRight 360 is planning an upgrade — the nonprofit was able to purchase a building at the intersections of Mission and South Van Ness streets with the help of an ongoing capital campaign and funding from some larger health organizations. The new building will house HealthRight 360’s behavioral health and resources services and continue to rent the Mission headquarters as necessary. A groundbreaking is set for the end of this month and construction is expected to begin in March.

“We’re super grateful for all the support and that we can stay in a place where people need us,” Lessler said. “We want to hold our ground and be able to keep serving people.”