Updated daily so check back for new ways to get involved. 

Some 65 residents including 17 children were displaced in the January 28th fire at Mission and 22nd and there has been an outpouring of support from the neighborhood and beyond.  Some have started to move to Treasure Island, and others are still looking for places nearer to the Mission.

Last chance: Zachary Crockett’s   fund for the displaced families at gofundme is just shy of 180,000 and will close tonight, 2/17, at 10 p.m. Crockett posted on the fundraising site that he would keep the fund open a week past its original deadline and extend the goal to $200,000 to offset the cost of GoFundMe’s fees, which the company refuses to waive.

Crockett will be working with the The Mission Economic Development Agency to distribute the donations as soon as possible. SF Eagle, Southpaw, Doc’s Clock, and several others have had fundraising events. Love and Luxe jewelry will donate 10% of its Valentines week sales to the victims. When Crockett’s fund closes, MEDA will continue to take donations directly.

Earlier, Doc’s Clock at 2575 Mission Street raised $8,0000 at a fundraiser. Google added another $16,000 to the fund to bring the evening to $24,000.

We have taken down the list of victims and their needs because the Salvation Army said that they now have enough in clothes donations from all of the items that have been dropped off at Doc’s Clock, Double Dutch and L’s Caffe.  The items that are needed now are soap, shampoo, razors, and feminine hygiene items.

Tartine Bakery, Bi-Rite, Central Kitchen, Sprig, Tacolicious and other local restaurants have been sending over meals and snacks, turning it into the hottest eating spot in the Mission. 

You can see all of Mission Local’s coverage here. 

Individuals affected by the fire have also started to set up individual accounts.  Note: We have confirmed the funds listed below as best we could, but we discovered one (not listed below and never listed on this site) to be suspicious so we urge readers to be cautious about random e-mails or comments. I went over to the Salvation Army to  confirm the Funez de Quintero campaign that we added today. Readers should know that kids and families are very much tracking of these funds.  

The Funez Family in Apartment 310 has a gofundme campaign here. They have raised $4,605 of $7,000 .

The Caro Family  in Apartment 308 has  a gofundme campaign here.  They have raised just over $6,000 of  $10,000.

Alessandro Gonzalez and his family, in Apartment 312  have a gofundme campaign here.  They have raised $8,600 but are shooting for $15,000.

Seven of the Nine Children are students at the Thomas Edison Charter Academy and a fund for them has been set up here.  They have raised more than $12,000 and are aiming for $35,000.

Maya Alvarez  and her family who were in Apartment 316 has set up a gofundme campaign which is less than $3,000 away from reaching its $30,000 goal.

A fund has been set up for the funeral costs of Mauricio Orelleno, who died in the fire. The $3,000 goal has been surpassed, but the fund is still open.

Ivette and Hector Funez de Quintero’s giveforward fund closed last week after raising four times its $5,000 goal, surpassing $21,000 raised.

Please contact Jill Marinelli at jill@missiongraduates.org with any questions or additional support.

Doc’s Clock at 2575 Mission will continue to collect everything – goods and monetary donations –  until Friday, Feb. 6th when it will turn everything over to the Salvation Army. Families have been dropping in to pick things up.

The city is also advising people who would like to give clothing and other non-monetary goods to give through the Salvation Army, which has a drop off location located at Valencia at the corner of Cesar Chavez for the affected families.

Those who would like to give to the Red Cross and its Disaster Relief Fund, can go to its website here.
A representative said they do not have a designated fund for the Mission families, but the team assisting the families would draw money from that source.
Checks can also be mailed to the Red Cross at:
1663 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 427-8000

Assistance for Residents:
Benjamin Amyes, disaster response manager for the city.
Phone: 415-5575370

More than a dozen businesses on the second floor have been displaced. Here is the city official who can help with paper work.
Assistance for Businesses:
Francis C. Chan
Jobs Squad – Office of Economic and Workforce Development
Email: Francis.C.Chan@sfgov.org
Phone: 415.554.5106

We’ve also been in touch with the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, who is working in collaboration with the Human Service Agency and the Department of Emergency Management. They’ll be additional updates on the relief effort tomorrow morning.

Note the number of residents has changed from 54 residents including 11 minors to 65 residents including 17 minors. We update the numbers as the Red Cross updates their information.