If you ride your bike without lights, be prepared to be approached by other bike enthusiasts and volunteers from the SF Bike Coalition to equip your bike with lights, for free.

In partnership with the SFMTA, the SF Bike Coalition is bringing its Light Up the Night event once more to distribute front and back bike lights.

The bike coalition keeps the locations secret to ensure that lights go to those who need them most. The distribution will be on Tuesday, the 27th, from 5:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. So, lighten up!

Correction: A previous version of this article reflected a possible location to the distribution campaign and erroneously stated the Coalition’s efforts as a give away campaign. Margaret McCarthy, program director, got in touch with Mission Local to let us know that:

“The goal of this program is to distribute lights to those in need, and we try to keep the locations of these events as under wraps as possible. In fact, the only reason we even disclose the neighborhoods we’ll be in is to enable our volunteers to sign up.

Again, we do not have the capacity to give lights away to everyone, and that is why the lights only go to those who are riding at night without lights. It is less a “giveaway” program than a targeted distribution program. We are trying to make the greatest impact with the resources we have available. We do not want publicity in advance of these events.”