Marshall Elementary students performing the song El Barco on stage during the schools 100th anniversary. Photo by Andrea Valencia

With elected officials, former and current teachers and some 265 students and many parents, Marshall Elementary celebrated its 100 anniversary Friday with singing, dancing, stories and filling a time capsule to be opened in 2115.

Dulce Gutiérrez, who has a nine-year old at the school, said it was impressive to see how many people have been part of the school in different roles.   “Miss Jeremi is retired but her enthusiasm and how motivated she always is to be here is amazing,” said Gutiérrez in Spanish, referring to Lizzie Jeremi, who taught at the school for 39 years and is now the PTA Board Director.

“It was a wonderful to see the generations of teachers who were able to make it,” added Marcelle Poulos, who taught at the school for 17 years and now has a child in 4th grade.

Named after James Wilson Marshall, a carpenter and discoverer of gold, the school first went up in 1852 on Mission Street between 15th and 16th Streets, but was destroyed in the fires of the 1906 earthquake. A smaller school was rebuilt on 15th and Capp Streets and reopened in 1914, but that school was closed for a year while it was rebuilt in 1977 to adhere to new fire and earthquake codes.

It now offers bilingual education to 265 students and is a Science Focus School. In the 1970s school officials found a time capsule from 1914 that included newspaper articles and notes about the school.

Natalie Guandique, from Mission Graduates who oversees the after-school programs, said the time capsule created this year offered students the opportunity to think about the objects that would provide a glimpse of 2015 to those who open it 100 years from now. What did they decide on? Among other things, pencils and a 2014 Giants’ World series paper, a 2014 Harvey Milk Stamp.

Naomi Lempert López, a parent of a 4th and 1st grader at Marshall, said she was happy with the celebration because “we learned a lot of the history of the school. We learned it was James Marshall who had found gold in California,” she said. Lempert López said she loves the school because of the high quality of education and community, but also because “it’s a sweet small hidden gem of the Mission District.”

The school’s principal Peter Avila lighting the cake’s candle.
Balloons and bottles of water were given to students during the 100th anniversary celebration. Photo by Andrea Valencia
All the children got a rush of energy at the sight of the cake. Photo by Andrea Valencia
Students had a fashion through the ages show. Photo by Andrea Valencia
The Suffragettes and Civil Rights presentation. Photo by Andrea Valencia
The suffragettes having a slice of cake and taking a break after their successful presentation. Photo by Andrea Valencia
One of the 6 cakes that the school had to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Photo by Andrea Valencia
From left to right: Diana Caracosa, Mission Graduates coordinator of 2nd graders, Cristina López, Mission Graduates coordinator of 5th graders, and Elizabeth Moorhatch, playworks coach. Photo by Andrea Valencia
A Happy Birthday sign celebrating the school’s 100th anniversary. Photo by Andrea Valencia
Students received a slice of cake, a hot dog and ice cream. Photo by Andrea Valencia
Dulce Gutiérrez and her daughter Eileen Santillano. Photo by Andrea Valencia
Marshall Elementary students performing the song El Barco on stage during the schools 100th anniversary. Photo by Andrea Valencia
Andy Jeremi was very proud to be Lizzie Jeremi’s husband. Miss Jeremi is a former teacher and is now the PTA Board Director. Andy can be seen holding framed story featuring his wife in the newspaper. Photo by Andrea Valencia
At the end of the celebration, all students helped out teachers to stack the chairs. Photo by Andrea Valencia

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