Police report that over MLK weekend, the Mission had four robberies. Of those, one was was at gunpoint and one sent a man to the hospital with a broken arm. At least one man was at stabbed.

Early Saturday morning, around 12:40, three young men believed to between 17 and 21-years-old came up behind a 30-year-old man walking on Capp near 23rd Street and shoved him to the ground. While he was down, the three suspects took his gold chain and wallet before fleeing the scene. In addition to the lost property, the man had bruising around his eye and cuts to his hands and wrists.

Two suspects robbed a corner store at 23rd and Guerrero at gunpoint Saturday night. Around 9 p.m., the two men entered the store and pointed a gun at the cashier and demanded he hand over money from the register. He complied and the two suspects ran off on foot.

A 31-year-old woman was talking into her smartphone and walking on 20th Street near South Van Ness on Sunday evening around 7 p.m. when one suspect stole the phone out of her hands. The suspect, described as a man in his 20s, ran up from behind her when he grabbed the phone and then fled in silver SUV occupied by three other suspects who were waiting for him.

On Erie and South Van Ness Monday night, around 7 p.m., two men got into a fight about a bottle of alcohol. One of the men was walking away when his companion punched him in the back then fled the scene. The man felt something wet and realized he had been stabbed. Police report that his injuries are non-life-threatening.

Early Tuesday morning, two men, aged 24 and 25-years-old, were standing on the corner of 17th and Mission Street when they were physically attacked by six suspects, also in their 20s. One of two men told Mission Local that the suspects sprayed Mace in their face, and beat them with skateboards, before
fleeing the scene with the two men’s smart phones. The two men went to San Francisco General Hospital following the incident, and discovered that the attack had broken the 25-year-old’s arm from being hit with skateboards.

No arrests have been made for any of the incidents described above. If you have any the incidents you can leave an anonymous tip at Mission Station by calling 415-552-4558.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.

Victims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recover Center at UCSF.

This post has been updated with additional information since it was first published.

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