Developments in Development is back! Your favorite (we hope) weekly (okay, really, not that weekly) roundup of all things Mission District real estate and development news has returned for a new year (with a new attitude?). Good golly a lot’s going down in the Mission! Here’s some of the stories that have been open on our various tabs physical, spiritual, and digital at MLHQ:

Cannabiz, Canna-BUSTED

The Chronicle reports that after a prolonged sting operation, California Beverage and Alcohol Control apparently caught staffers at 16th Street’s Gestalt slinging not just booze, but bud. The bar’s liquor license has been suspended for 30 Days.

In other herb updates, our own Andrea Valencia has the tragic tale of a Mission merchant, who even after fighting the feds to get his license to run a cannabis dispensary, couldn’t fight fate. His building caught and he couldn’t move back in.

Art Sues Back, Deep Impact (Fees), The Departed

Capitalist of the Mission be warned, artists up in here are a litigious bunch. Court House News (via Uptown Almanac) reports that a group of mural artists are suing Zephyr real estate company for using their work in a 2013 promotional calendar without their permission.

The Examiner reports that San Francisco received a substantial $96.1 million from developer impact fees (those pesky things that developers have to pay when, for instance, they don’t build onsite affordable housing) in the 2013-14 fiscal year. That’s a whopping eight times more than in the previous year. 

SF lost its Olympics bid. Yay! Who won, you ask? Holy crap, it was BOSTON?!?!

Here’s a long list of openings, closings, and other business

Abbot’s Cellar is about to close its proverbial cellar door.

In a reverse of fortune, Luna Park is staying put.

We’ve got the scoop on a new gastropub coming to Mission Street.

Socketsite reports that something called Gus’s Community Market has its eyes on a large Alabama Street plot.

Eater’s got its gourmand eye on upcoming Mission arrivals in 2015: Hawk Fare at Amber Dhara’s old digs, and Aster at the former haunts of Beast and Hare.

Oddly, the Lexington is still open and says it will be for several more months.

That’s it for now folks. What other stories did we miss? What do you think of this series? Where are you going to buy your weed from now on? Let us know in the comments or my shooting an email to

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