Amelia Nahman of the Egg Cream Cart is having a Christmas ham with friends.

This video was originally produced in 2010, but it’s become a bit of a Mission Local tradition to repost it on Christmas Day. It’s a question almost as old as the Torah itself: what’s a Jew to do when the country they live in shuts down for another religion’s holiday. These Semites have some answers.

For those interested, regardless of your religion, you can get tickets to Kung Pao Comedy here.

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Walking in the streets of the Mission takes Lauren back to the streets of South America. Up until now, she’s known the Mission through its bars and restaurants; now it’s the buzz on Mission Street that attracts her. She loves listening to the Spanish in the streets.

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  1. I agree with Jen, The lady with the tatoo’s, is a Jewish(taboo) no-no! However, I learned a long time ago to enjoy a non-religious Christmas. Way back in 1960, I was a jewelry salesman at Kay Jewelers near 24th & Mission. I also recall hanging some empty stocking on our fireplace in the1940’s, and finding oranges and apples in them the next day. At least it was not a lump of coal! To everyone, have a peaceful holiday season.

  2. Cute story! I’ve gone to Kung Pao in the past and it’s always lots of fun.

    However, someone should tell the young lady in grey at :25 that tattoos are against the religion and not allowed in Judaism. 🙂 If she’s really Jewish, she should know better! I wonder what her mom thinks…

  3. And this is where Amelia is! On the Internet NOT at our house consuming ham, damn!

    Amelia!?! Why have you forsaken us!?!

    Oy vey!

    Jane Anne…