This is how I like my eggs in the mornings. Photo by Jennifer Ng

It is 8:22 a.m. but these photos were taken earlier this morning. It is now 55˚ and expected to rise  to 66˚. Details for the next ten days here.

Today’s block: Valencia to Bartlett, 22nd to 23rd Streets.

“It was here,” a newscaster read from her phone into a videocamera on 23rd Street.

It was here, and it is here. On the walk, I encountered joggers, dog walkers, and office workers. They are the moving ones. I too encountered memories of a distant and recent past. The art, the graffiti, the remainders of last night’s dessert, remnants of former businesses, forgotten shoes.

It is about: leaving your mark.

Many pass this block on the way—to the BART station or to the businesses further down Valencia Street. Or there are the students, the drivers of ride-sharing services finding a place to pause, the business workers, and of course, the residents.

This is the block where people stumble out of Italian restaurants saying, “That was the best meal ever.”

This is where salsa, city classes, expensive jewelry, zines reign. But this is also where we stood from our windows witnessing smoke fly upward as we thank our lucky stars that it wasn’t our building.

When I was sad and night approached, I would repeat to myself as I fell asleep: “Remember, the sun will always rise.”

It’s Tuesday morning now and the sun did rise, sweeping away the darkness and the grit. The morning is bright. It’s the second day of the week, your second chance. Go out and get ‘em. And leave your mark.

With the light good early on, so much the better to sign on to document your block. Don’t wait!  Let us know what day and block you would like at

You can see a map of all of the blocks here.  The blocks in grey are being saved for others who have signed up. Let us save a block for you as well.

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