Cyclists who ride Caltrain and have a vision for its future bike service now have a chance to join the rail service’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). The committee has an opening for one seat — a member of the public to represent San Francisco County.

Nine members make up this non-policymaking advisory committee, three from each of the three counties CalTrain serves. Only one volunteer from each county is simply a rider — the other two are a member of a public agency responsible for bike policy and a cyclist advocate.

Riders concerned about getting “bumped” (bicycle space on CalTrain is notoriously scarce during peak hours) can rest assured that minutes from past Committee meetings indicate bicycle capacity has featured strongly in previous discussion.

The BAC meets every other month at 5:45 p.m. a block away from the San Carlos Caltrain station. Meetings, and Committee applicant information, are open to the public. Interested members of the public can apply here.