A reader notified us today that’s a new development regarding plans to demolish the Elbo Room and build a new 5-story condo project. The project’s sponsors Kerman and Morris architects are holding a pre-application meeting next week.

Owner Matt Shapiro stated in February that the Elbo Room has no intention of closing down and these project plans are simply preliminary. Shapiro owns only the bar and not the building. While Socketsite has reported that details plans for the project have been drafted, this project has yet to be approved by the Planning Department.

“Whether they get approval from the city and how long it will take is really anyone’s guess,” wrote Shapiro in an email to Mission Local on Monday. “The one thing that is definite is our lease goes for another year.”

A pre-application meeting is a required piece of community outreach for projects of a certain size. According to the Planning Department, the “meeting’s intention is to initiate neighbor communication and identify issues and concerns early on.” Given the number of dismayed comments from readers when we first reported of the Elbo Room’s potential closure, we imagine there might be one or two concerns raised on the pre-application meeting. This is the Mission, after all.

The meeting will be on November 6 at 6 p.m. at the Mission Station Community Room.

We’ll update this post with more details as warranted.