Three original Carnaval muralists join Daniel Galvez in restoration. (L-R) Dan Fontez, Daniel Galvez, Jan Shield and Jamie Morgan worked together once again restoring the Carnaval mural on Oct. 2. The four worked together on the mural in 1983. Photo by Lou Dematteis, who took the original photos.

The photographer Lou Dematteis, who took the original photograhs of the 1979 Carnaval, which became the basis for a 1983 mural now being restored, sent us the photograph he took earlier this month of the muralists once again working together.

As we wrote earlier:

With Dematteis’s photos in hand, Avilés contacted Gálvez, who then drew up a list of five other artists—Fontes, Keith Sklar, Jamie Morgan, Eduardo Pineda and Jean Shield. Over six months and on a budget of $13,000, they painted the 24-foot-high, 75-foot-wide mural that Annice Jacoby, the editor of Mission Muralismo, called an excellent example of mural realism.


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