It is 8 a.m, 63° and headed to 68°. Details for today and the next ten days are here.

Today’s block: 15th, between Caledonia and Wiese Street

I love the Mission’s alleys because they are where people hide, or dare, or show what they’re scared of – there’s so much more personality in a back alley than in the respective facades. But they stink. And it’s good, because the stink is the only thing that prevent back alleys to be the next fancy thing [it will happen, eventually].

I read once that there are fewer people who got killed hitch-hiking than married from it. Still, if you tell someone that you hitch-hiked or that you pulled the car to give someone a ride, no one is gonna ask you “and you were not afraid of getting married?”

In the same way, when I say that I have to wake up early to take some pictures of the alleys before dawn, people ask me if I’m not scared to be beaten and robbed of my camera. It’s not my fear though. My fear is that my camera could look like a gun, and that someone could see me snapping away in the alleys and call the police. Both are just horrible biases, both. No one ever told me “Cool, and maybe you’ll meet a ballerina who’ll share a doughnut with you!”.

Ok, this one was difficult to predict, but it happened this morning on Caledonia Street. And ok, the ballerina had the breath of a dead possum and his tutu saw better years, but he was the kindest ballerina I ever met (as well as the guys from Four Barrel, working in the back who also shared some coffee with me).

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