So, is this how early I have to get up in order to skip the line at La Taqueria?Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya

Good morning, Mission! It is 7 a.m, 55° and headed to 74°. Details for today and the next ten days are here.

Today I walked on Capp to 25th, to Mission, to 24th and back to Capp. I had a slight detour on Lilac Alley. The air this morning was crisp, but not the kind of crisp that makes you think the day will warm up. I even saw glimpses of Karl the Fog, but not to worry, he was leaving our turf.

If you want to participate in documenting your block – or any block – for the Mission Wakes Up, send us an email at We would love to see how you experience the neighborhood in the early morning. You can see all the essays here.

And you can learn more about participating here. 

View down Capp street, heading towards 25th. Karl the Fog must of gotten bored with the Mission at night and headed to Bernal Heights Park. Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
Greenery devours a house on Capp street. Is the improved insulation worth the potential of mold? I don’t know, but the house sure does look snuggly.
Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
A single lamp post on 25th street.So classy…has anyone ever noticed them before? Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
I peek down Lilac. A truck delivers raw materials to business that are on Mission Street. Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
As I venture deeper into Lilac alley, the graffiti artist remind me again of my location. I’m in the Mission. This is the four-one-five. Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
I didn’t even see the hidden image until after I took the photo. I was focusing on the “25th” street sign. Can you find it? What does it mean to you? Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
If you look closely, you can see the Palm Trees align with the power lines. I think there must be a metaphor in all of this…nature equals power?
Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
So, is this how early I have to get up in order to skip the line at La Taqueria?Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
7 AM is far too early for any of the businesses on Mission street to get up. Besides, I would have been their only customer. Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
Where did you eat your breakfast this morning? If you think I ate mine here, you’re wrong. The bench was covered in bird droppings and mist. Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya
Photo by Eugeniya Kirovskaya

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