Wednesday at around 4:40 p.m., a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on 15th Street and Valencia. The driver of the car, a gold-colored 90s sedan, was making a right turn on Valencia Street, when she struck the pedestrian crossing the crosswalk.

The pedestrian, described by nearby clerks as a young woman, hit her head and was bleeding from her face. She was conscious when the ambulance took her to the hospital, said Will, an employee at nearby Little Star Pizza. The women in the car stayed on the scene and spoke with authorities.

This comes just days after a collision on Valencia and Duboce sent a pedestrian to the hospital in critical condition.

We were unable to reach the police for comment and will update this post when we have more information.

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Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

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  1. Traffic in this city is NO FUN. Im a driver and I think certain streets should be closed off to motorized traffic. E.g. Mission Street or Valencia between 16/24th, and make walkable areas, much like in eurpean towns and cities. Union Square as well, and China town. Whenever i drive close to Mission/15th to drop off my kid at school, I’m weary of bicyclists and pedestrians. I’m not saying that they are reckless, but they seem to have no fear. When driving, I am afraid to make turns, because bicyclists and pedestrians are everywhere, to the left, to the right, behind me and sometimes cutting in front. Not waiting for green lights or crossing in destined crosswalks. Sometimes they just pop out from nowhere, and weaves through traffic without watching for vehicles. I walk in this area too, and am very cautious of cars. Cars are driving too fast all over city. I came up on one accident on Guerrero and 14th the other evening, just as paramedics arrived and it really startled me to see the guy lying in the street. Not sure if he was walking, skateboarding or bicycling, but he had been hit by a car. Super scary!

  2. we need fewer cars in this city.
    more transit, more bikes, more pedestrians, fewer cars.

    1. Well those people who depend on cars to get to and from work, family and social activities would disagree. How about we try to make the City work for everyone rather than trying to impose particular preferences on others. Thanks.

      1. We certainly need safer streets and more alert and cautious motorists. And our environment (and the rate of climate change) would greatly benefit if there were fewer cars. I used to think I “needed” a car but it’s incredible how efficient life is (even for a family of four) without one.

      2. if there were *better* transit you wouldn’t need to use your pedestrian killing car.

  3. So she is in no danger or losing her life? Thank god! The header for this changed but no extra info was put here, just wondering where that information came from and what that is.

  4. I take 15th Street a lot heading west (well, it’s mostly one-way) and the city has recently really messed with it. No doubt they think this has increased pedestrian safety but evidently not. My sense is that it is now not only much worse to drive on, but much worse to ride a bike on or for a pedestrian to cross, because it has been narrowed, leading to driver frustration and, therefore inevitably, more accidents.

    Sometimes so-called traffic-calming has the opposite effect. it just makes people mad, hasty and less risk-averse.

    1. While you personally may be frustrated when you drive in a narrow lane, there is no evidence that narrow lanes “lead to driver frustration and more accidents”. Harwood and Potts (1990 and 2004) have shown the opposite.

    2. That literally has nothing to do with the cause of this crash, which was not on a block of 15th Street that has had any changes in recent years. Sorry you can’t drive through the neighborhood as fast as you used to, but that is not a relevant fact here.

    3. I ride my bike on 15th Street all the time, and there are no traffic-calming measures whatsoever along the stretch where the woman was hit. That block is one-way with two car lanes and parking on either side of the street. There is no bike lane (or “narrowing”), though I long wished there was. I’ve had drivers get angry with me for bicycling on that stretch. It’s no fun because you’re either blocking a car lane or you risk getting doored if you ride too close to the side.

      1. He’s actually right that there was a change made to the street configuration east of there–there are those wide striped shoulders, one travel lane, and a speed bump further east near Marshall Elementary School. West of Valencia there are two lanes again.

        But anyway,….this woman was hit by a left-turner onto Valencia so that driver should’ve expected to be prepared to stop for pedestrians no matter what.

        Sorry you have bad experiences on 15th. I take the lane and it’s generally OK for me. But I sure would love more bicycle-friendly changes west of Valencia.

      2. OK, Chris, I drive it a lot and there’s definitely been a change, although it may not have been done for a safety purpose. I notice there’s a big construction going on there (@SVN, I think).

        It used to be a solid 2 lanes all the way going west.

        1. There have been a couple changes on the block between South Van Ness and Mission over the last couple years I think. There is a public elementary school on 15th on that block, which might explain why it was reduced to one lane for that block and not others.

    4. It is not worse to bike on, nor is it worse for pedestrians.

      Your comment re ‘so-called traffic calming’ is beyond idiotic. If you actually paid attention to traffic conditions in this area you’d know how much worse it is for pedestrians a mere two blocks north on Duboce or even the non-freeway-like 16th St.

      People who are mad and hasty need to figure out how to drive less or else face serious charges if they crash into a pedestrian. It’s that simple.

  5. The driver was turning left from 15th Street onto Valencia Street. The pedestrian was crossing legally and within the crosswalk. The driver must not have seen the woman in the cross walk and hit her full force. The driver stopped immediately and ran back to try to help her. It was a terrible accident. The injured pedestrian was conscious and breathing when they put her on the stretcher but was deeply distressed. Please update when you hear what her condition is.

    1. Exactly what happened. It was kind of strange because it didn’t seem like the car was even going fast, seemed like the driver was completely distracted, kind of a freak thing. I was sitting outside on Four Barrel and I heard this terrible noise and the first thing I saw was the back right wheel of the car finishing to run over her abdominal area, the car literally went over her. To feel the fear on her crying was very disturbing. Please update, I’ve been praying for that lady to survive.

      1. I share your concern for the victim, but distracted driving in not a ‘freak thing’ – it is totally preventable. And it’s an epidemic.

    2. That is absolutely horrible! I hope you gave your statement to the police and that the driver will be charged. (I know, totally unlikely.) He/she better have some insurance to pay this poor woman.