FiveThirtyEight’s summer-long burrito bracket that had one well-intentioned and methodical blogger traveling the country to eat and rank the nation’s burritos has reached its conclusion. That conclusion is a remarkably obvious one: La Taqueria has the best burrito in the country.

No news there.

Here’s what they say about La Taqueria’s near perfection:

I watched Nate take his first bite, and I swear he achieved nirvana before my eyes. I got to work eating myself, and we munched in silence (except when I asked to borrow his second burrito because I’d dived into both of mine before I remembered to photograph them) until we’d each finished a burrito. You see, data-loving Nate had dined at top-ranking El Farolito, but this was his first time at La Taqueria. “I don’t want to bias you,” he said, “but this is really, really good,” pointing to two baskets left with nothing but foil and wax paper.

Writer Anna Maria Barry-Jester even offers us this scientific dissection:

So, congrats to La Taqueria. Mission Local had a staff lunch there recently, and your wares lived up to expectation and memory. I wonder if I will ever be able to get in past the hordes of data geeks craving carne.