Police report that a 30-year-old woman is in life-threatening condition at San Francisco General Hospital this morning after being found Wednesday morning at 5:49 a.m. on Capp Street near 17th Street.

Police said they believe she was a victim of a robbery. A woman who works on the block described what sounded more like an argument that went bad.

Stacy Herbener, an executive assistant at a design and staging firm with cameras facing Capp Street, said footage showed a man and woman apparently arguing as they walked from 18th toward 17th Street. The woman appeared to be trying to get away from the man and he pursued her.

“It was kind of gnarly, actually,” Herbener said. She said the man proceeded to climb up onto a car and tackle the woman from the roof of the car.

Joanne Gomez, who works at West Bay Plastics across the street, said she hadn’t seen or heard anything but that the area still sees its share of crime.

“People complain about gentrification in the area, but things like this unfortunately still happen,” Gomez said.