McMillan Electric could become six stories of housing. Photo from Google Street View.

With the recent posting of preliminary plans to demolish the McMillan Electric building on South Van Ness near 26th Street to build 160 units of new housing, SF Curbed asks: “Is the Mission Building Boom Starting to Make Its Way South?

The project at 1515 South Van Ness, which if approved will be six stories and contain a mix of one- and two-bedroom studios with 19 units dedicated to below-market-rate housing, is definitely a large one for the surrounding area. The neighboring blocks contain mostly two-story residential buildings.

Curbed rightly points out that the northern half of the Mission has been seeing the bulk of the development action in recent months. There’s the hotly-contested Maximus project at the 16th Street BART plaza, there’s 490 South Van Ness, which is likely to be approved in October, and the recently completed 1515 15th Street will be open to new residents soon.

However, the southern half of the Mission has its fair share of developments currently in the works. There are preliminary plans at 2924 Mission Street to demolish the laundromat there and build 38 units of new housing. The former gas station at 1198 Valencia could become 48 condo units. And Vida, with its 114 units, inches closer to completion every day.

Then again, the plans come from Lennar Urban, the same group that’s massively redeveloping Hunters Point with its 700-acre, 10,000-home Shipyard Project; this particular Mission development does have a flavor of something big coming down the pipeline. Lennar is also the developer behind massive projects in the works on Treasure Island.

It’s unclear at this point if the project’s units will be for sale or for rent, though the plans state that the 1,740-square-foot ground-floor commercial space will include a leasing office, suggesting the latter. Lennar Urban could not be reached for comment.

McMillan Electric has been in business since 1965. The electrical contractor couldn’t be reached for comment about where they’ll go should the project go forward.

You can see the entirety of the plans’s project letter below:

1515 South Van Ness

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  1. A very exciting project especially since, as you note, that far south is almost no-mans land.

    I expect lots of interest, but at a lower $ per square foot.

      1. Well, I probably spend less than 1% of my Mission time south of 24th Street, and only find myself on Cesar Chavez when hitting the freeways.

        So to me it is, right now anyway. Hopefully that will change.

  2. this is great location for more high density in the neighborhood! I’m excited about this and hope the NIMBY’s give up and go home before they try to block this. Many more projects like this are desperately needed in the area if we want to have any hope of having an affordable city in the future.

  3. Terrific news. This is a great site for high density housing and will be a big contribution to this part of the Mission.

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