Image courtesy of Bernal Heights Coloring Book.

Bernalwood, our neighborhood hyper-local up on the hill, reports that one of the sponsors behind Bernal’s Outdoor Cinema Fest have designed an architectural coloring book. It features various houses on the hill designed by a local architect:

Neighbor Mason Kirby is an architect who lives on Mullen and works from a cute little office on Bocana just off Cortland. A few years ago, Neighbor Mason created a fabulously clever Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book, which he generously shared with Bernalwood readers.

Now, just in time for the 2014 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema festival that gets underway next week, Neighbor Mason shares a new edition of his Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book for wannabe Bernal architects of all ages.

You can download the coloring book for free and print it out or pick it up at Precita Park Cafe and Charlie’s Cafe. Bernalwood’s got the link.

Of course this makes us super jealous. Anyone out there got an idea for a Mission coloring book?

Daniel Hirsch

Daniel Hirsch is a freelance writer who has been living in the Mission since 2009. When he's not contributing to Mission Local, he's writing plays, working as an extra for HBO, and/or walking to the top...

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