Shots Fired at 24th and Mission

Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

Four squad cars and some eight police officers were on the corner of 24th and Mission outside the McDonald’s this afternoon after someone fired shots at around 2:30 p.m. near the corner fast food chain.

A nearby business owner said that she sees a group of teenagers standing outside “all the time” and that when they’re around, the “air changes” on the corner and that “the neighborhood is unsafe.” She saw them again right before shots went off. She doesn’t know if they were involved but said she saw teenagers running down 24th Street after the shots.

Right before the shots were fired, a local employee came into her business and said, “Be careful, close the door.” She did and the shots were fired soon afterwards. Police were on the scene within 10 minutes, she said.

She had several clients in her shop who were not from San Francisco. They “freaked out,” she said, and huddled in the corner.

A nearby liquor store owner said he saw a golden or light colored sedan speeding down 24th Street after the incident. Several pedestrians ran into his shop seeking cover, he said. He did not know if shots came from the sedan.

Another man who was nearby said that he heard two shots and saw three men running east on 24th Street.

Officers declined to give details saying “it’s an open investigation” and they were “still trying to figure out everything.” Inside the McDonald’s, one officer reviewed camera footage of the corner.

As of 3 p.m., the police were leaving and offered no further information. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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  1. Bernal Brian

    Why are there protests against commuter buses that help save the environment and keep cars off the road, but there are people shooting each other in the street like the wild west and people simply stay silent. #misplacedoutrage

    • Blexxxxch

      So, you want to protest the violence? Start a protest then. If you want to make a change, get involved in the community. Or be like the newbies, move in, and just complain behind a computer….

    • Missionite

      Because domething different is scarier than the violent crimes we’re accustomed to.

  2. Mister Big

    Police know where the trouble spots are and who the troublemakers are. Wonder why they can’t be more creative in their investigations and their methods of preventing crime.

  3. Runforthehills

    10 minutes seems like an incredibly long response time for a shooting.

  4. SFrentier

    Is it that group of young dudes usually wearing jeans and white T shirts? They hang out in from of mcdonalds a lot. Are they gang members? Also see them/similar guys neat shotwell/24th st liqueur store.

    Either they’re just local teens, or they are gang affiliated. If the latter, the cops should be enforcing loitering laws.

  5. Andy


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