Download a PDF of the History Map, Here

There’s a ton more history in the Mission and we’ll be adding new maps as the summer goes on. For now, we have this map in our print edition and include a version here so that you can print it out if you like.

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  1. #5 is on the wrong spot. It should be the Mission Dolores Cemetery, not Camp street or Gaiser Alley.

    Also – #24 I don’t recall SF General being at 24th and Mission.

  2. Are you sure about Jerry Garcia being raised in the Mission? It is my understanding that he grew up in the Excelsior, first on Amazon Street, then Harrington Street.

  3. Clarion Alley: Rigo and Aaron are just 2 of co-founders. You’ve left off all the women who were also co-founders, and one of the men: Aracely Soriano, Sebastiana Pastor, Mary Gail Snyder, and Michael O’Connor. Name them all or name none: it was a collective effort.

    1. Yes Elizabeth you are right and we will address this. It’s just a synopsis, but still, it can be better. Thank you, Lydia

  4. The Mission was once a much bigger place than it is now perceived. I was born, like all my contemporaries, at Mary’s Help just south of 14th and Guerrero, came home to a part of Mission Street now called Lower Bernal, and a year later moved to the Upper Mission, which no longer exists (it meant up the hills to the West, not just to the north you all reference on MapQuest) and have gone back and forth, spending my whole 59 years in the 10th and 14th zones, but if you aren’t in the old “Inner Mission”, it seems you ain’t in the Mission at all.

    1. E. Holub: We would love to talk to you about your experiences. Can you send us contact information at missionlocal@gmail. The ways in which neighborhood boundaries grow and change is fascinating and we would like to write about the Mission from that angle. Best, Lydia

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