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Jennifer Quinn is a consultant with Andrea Baker Consulting.  Since readers had questions about the survey, we asked her to write about the survey and their objectives. 

Andrea Baker Consulting has been hired by BART to figure out how to make the plazas at 16th St. and Mission more usable and welcoming for the whole community.

If you live, work, or go to school in the area, or if you are simply here to enjoy the neighborhood’s offerings, please take a moment to fill out our online survey.

16th St. BART Plaza Survey

16th St. BART Plaza Encuesta, en Espanol

Andrea Baker Consulting is a woman- and minority-owned firm, located in the Mission, where Andrea has lived for three decades and has brought up her own kids.  We are connected deeply to the community, which is in part why BART hired us.

We understand that the Plaza is at the center of a larger debate about gentrification and displacement, and we’d like to underscore that we have NOT been hired to sweep anyone off the Plaza. But we do think that by engaging more people on the Plaza, including families and seniors, everyone will start using the Plaza.

At this point, Andrea Baker Consulting is gathering impressions, concerns, and ideas from the local community and users of the 16th Street BART station. We want to hear from people who live and work nearby, as well as from those who are simply visiting.

Once we have identified potential opportunities to improve the space, we will meet up with some small, but diverse groups of stakeholders to implement viable programs that further activate the space. Under this project, BART is not considering any major changes to the built structure of the Plaza. This is a pilot project, and we will be looking closely at activities and amenities that can be started or installed quickly, and can be removed or stopped just as quickly, based on the success of each program/item.

Some early concepts that have been suggested include: chess games, salsa dancing, musical performances, art installations, small craft/artisan stalls, a coffee cart, and more.

As part of our process, Andrea Baker Consulting has been surveying people on and around the plaza at different times and days of the week. We’ve also had a wonderful response from the Mission Local readership via our online survey, and now have over 300 respondents. We are also continuing to interview individual stakeholders and organizations in the neighborhood to gain additional community input.

So, please take three minutes to complete our survey, and let us know if you have any further ideas or would like to get more involved!