Expressive Fusion at Artillery AG

LexMex with her "favorite camera" Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s

The Artillery AG hosted the opening of Aprovcha Saturday night featuring LexMex’s “wood photography” and the amazing Long Board work of Pedro Alverez.

Alexa Treviño’s art represents a nexus between photography, graphic design, and commentary.  Her work blends photographic images and hand rendered graphics with the natural warmth of wood.  The results are a series of mysterious and evocative images.  The images are moved into function as they are applied to the hand crafted Long Boards from Vamára.

Treviño found the motivation for her work during a trip to the Amazon.  She wanted to leverage that experience into graphic media, hence the name of the show.  Her interaction with the local population manifested a notion of presence. Treviño wanted to find graphic elements, which in combination would echo an appreciation of “here and now”.  “We need to live and appreciate everything around us right now because no one knows what tomorrow will bring, ” Treviño said as she explained her work.

Crosses in background of right image are for children lost to narcowars.

Crosses in background of right image are for children lost to narcowars.

The images are, in some cases, stark and layered over wood that softens with a warm and natural feel.  Treviño pointed out one piece that had a face appointed with crosses.  “The crosses are from a special graveyard, which memorializes the children lost in the narcowars.  One moment these children were here then in an instant they were gone,” said Treviño.  A recognition and even celebration of our impermanence underpins each image while the Long Boards put it all into action.  LexMex elevates her work to a new level in Aprovecha.

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