Hundreds of chalk children were drawn on the sidewalk at the 24th Street Bart on Saturday morning to protest the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Billed as memorials to Palestinian children killed in the conflict, the art went along 24th to Folsom and around the corner, and covered four city blocks with red-and-white chalk figures.

The sidewalk art was apparently not coordinated with a nearby demonstration — the “Movimiento por la Reunificacion Familiar,” a march to support protection for refugee children at the U.S. border. It began at 16th Street Bart at noon at ended at 24th Street two hours later. Read more about the migrant children march here.

A few people with signs critical of the Israeli invasion were present at the march, and a sign linking the two causes said “From Palestine to Mexico, Tear Down the Walls!”

Berta Hernandez, one of the migrant march’s organizers, said that the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) was behind the chalk art. And both demonstrations shared a spirit of solidarity — both denounced violence and supported the well-being of children.

“What’s happening in Gaza, it’s catastrophic,” she added. “The situation on the border is not as dire, but we have to address all these injustices.”

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on July 8, some 1,525 Palestinians have been killed: 1,033 are civilians, including 329 children, according to the United Nations. Sixty six Israelis have been killed, including two Israeli civilians and one foreign national; 63 Israeli soldiers are among the dead.