The man behind a car crash that injured six people is now facing 10 felony charges.

Last Monday, police had attempted to stop Anthony Wisner, 25, who was in a silver minivan on Larkin and Post. When Wisner attempted to flee from the police he crashed the minivan into a taxi. The two vehicles injured six people.

SF Streets Blog has reported that one of the injured was a nearby bicyclist named Zachary Watson, who is now in critical condition. Watson is a coder and designer for Stamen Design, a design and technology studio based in the Mission District.

Zachary Watson, a noted 29-year-old city data visualizer, remains hospitalized in critical condition after a driver fleeing police in a stolen minivan caused a two-car wreck Monday night. Watson was apparently walking with his bike or locking it up when the vehicles hurtled toward him. He is known for creating works like a map of private shuttles that connect San Francisco to Silicon Valley. READ MORE HERE.

The car crash occurred at 10:15 p.m. on Monday.

Watson has been working as a data visualizer for Stamen Design since 2011. You can check out his maps and portfolio here.

More info on the crash via KRON4