Photo by Leslie Nguyen-Okwu.

Things got messy at Dolores Park when dozens of people played a rousing game of Twister this past weekend. Forward Motion, an organization that organizes extreme adventures and helps individuals live out their dreams, knocking off one bucket list item at a time, set up Sunday’s game. Participants dodged water balloons, water gun squirts and globs of bright paint as they slipped and slid around the massive homemade board.

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  1. Looks like something out of a company teambuilding retreat. San Francisco’s “crazy activities” are now the equivalent of workplace teambuilding exercises, complete with bland looking humans and all. Sad…

    But I’m sure they all enjoyed themselves and had great things to say on Facebook afterward / during.

    1. Looks like people having a fun time in public space. What’s so bland looking about them? Is it sad because the photos are of predominantly white and Asian players?

      1. “Forward Motion, an organization that organizes extreme adventures and helps individuals live out their dreams, knocking off one bucket list item at a time, set up Sunday’s game.”

        Enough said…

  2. As the time goes by and I see the incredible inequity growing in SF while people frolic in the park wasting water during a drought. I begin to understand that it wasn’t God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorra, it was people’s indifference while the whole shit went down the shitter.

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