What if Airbnb Guest Won’t Leave?

Screenshot of Airbnb listings for the Mission District.

To the 676 hosts who are, at this minute, trustingly offering up their Mission District homes through Airbnb: What if that lodger permanently lodges themselves in your place? What if they won’t leave?

That’s the housing drama going on in Palm Springs. There, a long-term guest Airbnb’ed at a vacation condo so long, he’s now protected under California renters’ law, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The condo is owned by San Francisco-resident Cory Tschogl, a 39-year-old vision rehabilitation therapist, according to her LinkedIn. She rented her Palm Springs place to a man called “Maksym,” for $450 a week. The owner’s been “locked in a horror story” ever since the guest and his brother stopped paying rent. Tschogl is currently looking at a months-long eviction battle, because of “squatters law” protections that go into effect after a renter stays in a place 30 days.

File this one under “When Renting Out Your Place Through Airbnb Goes Wrong.”

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  1. Sam

    Cory’s rookie error was allowing the guest to stay 30 days, or any number of days past the agreed term.

    Unlike rentals over 30 days, short-term lets are not covered by CA’s rather generous tenant protections. But it’s an important that an owner (or for that matter, a tenant host as well) shows zero tolerance from the outset.

    Us regular landlords know that of course. “No good deed goes unpunished” is the unofficial mantra of the SF landlording business. But Airbnb’ers are amateurs and rely on the good nature of the guests.

    And 99.99% of them are good-natued. I’ve never had the slightest problem with any of them. But there are always a few bad apples.

    A guest who overstays their stay by even a minute is trespassing on your property, and you may use any means, including necessary force, to remove them. You can also call the cops and have the guest arrested for trespass.

    But let it slice over 30 days and you’ve got a problem. And of curse the whole point of Airbnb is to avoid rentals that are over 30 days.

    Sad story, but most SF LL’s would be all over this immediately.

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