‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’ SF Shows Sell Out Fast

The old and new logos of NPR's popular radio quiz show. Photo courtesy of NPR.

NPR’s popular radio quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” has sold out all of its San Francisco appearances this month, reports The San Francisco Examiner:

“Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!,” the NPR quiz show, sold out its three San Francisco tapings in about six hours. That might be because the long-running show, which pulls in nearly 4 million viewers a week, was making its first visit to San Francisco…

Host Peter Sagal and announcer Bill Kurtis taped the first of three shows Thursday at the Nourse Theater, bantering with panelists Roy Blount Jr., Roxanne Roberts and Bobcat Goldthwait as well as listeners calling in to answer quirky questions on the week’s news. The show will also tape Thursday and July 31, with each show airing two days later.

Peter Sagal has been the host of the show since its debut in 1998 and has interviewed guests like Senator Barack Obama (when he was still a junior senator) and Justice Stephen Breyer, who became the first sitting justice to appear on a quiz show.

Sagal was joined by announcer Bill Kurtis, but this is not his usual partner. Carl Kasell, who has also been with the show since 1998, previously led the show with Sagal, but recently retired in May of this year after more than 60 years on the radio.

Voicemail greetings featuring Kasell’s well-known radio voice have been the traditional prize to call-in contestants on the show for years, so we can only hope that Kasell’s replacement Bill Kurtis is up to the task (and can create greetings as interesting and distinctive as Kasell’s).

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