Video: The Pleasures of the Mission

Screenshot of "Mission Foodiez" on YouTube.

Forget for a moment that the word “foodie” sounds like baby talk. And is meaningless and empty, like the New York Times’ cranky eater Mark Bittman says.

Let’s enjoy “Mission Foodiez,” a video love letter to the pleasures of sunbathing, caffeinating and ice creaming in the Mission.

Crafted and posted on YouTube recently by SF musician/teacher/brewmaster Edgar Camago (@edgarcamago), MF takes a tonal tour of our hood, mixing snippets of words, gasps, groans, jangling forks and Muni’s white noise to make a cheery song.

Laughing Squid drew our attention to “Mission Foodiez” – we love any attempt to take our communal temperature. And we wonder…Can you name all the Mission District icons in Camago’s video? Who is that naked dude at Dolores Park?

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