Fireworks at Treat and 25th, 2014. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

Every year, the Mission seems to be one of the most prolific, and unauthorized, contributors to the city’s annual fireworks show. This year was no different. For roughly three hours last night, the sound of explosions filled the streets, the smell of gunpowder filled air, and blooming colored light filled the air.

In case you weren’t there to see it yourself, here’s the scene at 25th and Harrison:

At Treat and 26th:

The view of the Mission from Bernal Hill:

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Daniel Hirsch is a freelance writer who has been living in the Mission since 2009. When he's not contributing to Mission Local, he's writing plays, working as an extra for HBO, and/or walking to the top of Bernal Hill.

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  1. Hey Blexxxxch, I’m a Mission native, don’t know about you. The problem with fireworks is the FIRE. Every July 5th I find bottle rockets on my Mission street place. A few yards another direction into my tinder and it could be disaster for me. You’d probably love the excitement.
    I’ve seen fireworks sending showers of sparks down my side alley, and with a print shop with a variety of solvents, I don’t just think OH I WANT MY PLACE TO BE VIBRANT.
    It could have been worse when the old head shop, then across the alley, was freebasing 30-odd years ago. Small mercies, but small mercies don’t always save us from big idiots.

    1. I am a SF native but not a mission native. Lived in many neighborhoods but I find the people like Blexxxxch who want to tell people to go to other neighborhoods usually are new comers who like to pretend they are natives.

  2. A few hours of fireworks to celebrate the 4th is fine but I wish the idiots who set them off all night would stop.

    1. Sadface. I just want things my way! The Mission is not supposed to always be vibrant. I heard the Marina wants you back.

      1. Can you share your address so next year the vibrancy can be sure to explode stuff by your bedroom window between 3-5am? I heard this might be something you’d like. Celebrating the 4th is great… the Mission show is usually better than any City event. Celebrating July 5th sunrise is lame.