The Guerrero Hill Market.

Proper names for corner markets. Can you admit that you don’t know them?

That you tell your visiting cousin the intersection of these businesses, as in, “Get a Korean steak sandwich at that market on Valencia and 19th, I gotta go to work.”

Maybe you rely on an audio description: “You know, that market on Mission that blasts Middle Eastern music out its front door?”

But, as the Mission Mission blog and salute to our neighborhood posted recently, these corner markets have names. And Mission Mission set out to document them, motivated by, well, fatigue?

“I got tired of using intersections to specify what corner store you’re talking about: “The 20th and Bryant one is out of Watermelon Wheat, can you check the 23rd and Alabama one?”

That’s lifted from the blog post, which also calls out the 19th and Valencia shop by name – Rhea’s. It lists a few others. Weigh in on their informal market directory, here. And be specific when sending your cousin to the corner market for a beer run.

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