Snap: No Pictures at Yamo

Inside Yamo. By Keli Dailey.


This little Burmese hole-in-the-wall will feed you $6 tea leaf salad, $3 spring rolls, $6 mango chicken with sticky rice from a cooker.

And the tight elbow-to-chopsticks, 10-seat environs is one of Yamo’s greatest selling points: That stranger on the stool next to you is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

But you will not win over the women who cook and assemble your quick plates if you try to document your experience.

“No pictures!” the cook took a break from her war with chilies and stove fire to reprimand one eater.

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  1. two beers

    Maybe one could ask the nice, overworked lady who is dripping sweat and covered in food stains if one may snap her picture before one intrudes on her privacy?

  2. Mel

    So – you overheard her say “No pictures” to another person, and then decided to ignore her reprimand of that person and post her picture on Mission Local?


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