Man Shot on 24th and Mission

After the shooting at 24th and Mission Street, July 2. By Dan Hirsch.

An unidentified, 29-year-old man was shot in front of the McDonald’s at the corner 24th and Mission streets sometime before 10 p.m. on Wednesday, according to police on the scene.

The man was shot in the shin and taken to San Francisco General hospital, the officer said. Officers blocked off Mission Street, between 24th and 25th and 24th street between Mission and Capp streets until around 11:13 p.m.

Police found four casings on the ground. Officers on the scene said they’re surveying the area to see if a video camera caught the incident.

Eight police cars are on the scene and four Muni buses have been stalled. No suspect is in custody.

Update: A white, four-door vehicle reportedly left the scene. We added information to this post about the victim’s age and location of the gunshot wound Thursday afternoon.

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  1. ThatGuy

    This is the kind of Muni bus blocking issue we should really be talking about.

    • Blexxxxch

      Sooooooo….let’s talk about it.

    • BackToTheBurbs

      Or we could talk about how crime is up city-wide, while decreasing even in Oakland. The gentrification-makes-a-better-city argument seems to be getting tired on all fronts …

      • AC

        Disparity and lack of community for young people are not good things

      • Sam

        No, that article is talking only about larcenies (non-violent theft) and not crime overall.

        And that figure is up 4% in Oakland, not down as you stated.

        It’s reasonable to assume that an increase in wealth might lead to more theft, since there is more stuff to steal.

        Another factor might be the growth of portable devices which are easy to steal, but high value.

        In general, fully gentrified places have very low crime rates, but SF is far from being fully gentrified yet, despite all the paranoia being expressed about that.

        • SFrentier


        • SD

          What does a fully gentrified space look like? What does that even mean?
          Violent crime does not disappear when all white people live somewhere- or all wealthy people. Violence is a specter that haunts our communities in a variety of forms and ways. It is an absurd over simplification to call on gentrification as a means to end violent crime. Our inability to recognize the violence that our entire culture and lifestyle is predicated upon is the core of why we will all continue to find our lives marked by violence regardless of class or race.

          The deep economic divide in San Francisco is a violent crime in and of itself. A crime that will have lasting effects on an entire city, a crime that will revisit us all long into our uncertain future.

          • Sam

            If you want an example of a fully gentrified place, you should take a look at Ross, CA. It has virtually no crime of any type.

            You can say the same about other gentrified enclaves like La Jolla or Seacliff. Or compare the crime stats of Piedmont and Oakland, even though Oakland completely surrounds Piedmont.

            On the other hand, take a look at totally non-gentrified towns like Gary, Indiana or Detroit.

            It’s possible that economic disparity in a small geographic area may motivate some crime, if only because of the opportunistic element. But generally speaking crime is inversely proportional to prosperity. And the towns with the least poverty suffer the least crime.

            That said, many poor people do not commit crimes, so your attempt to justify crime on the basis of poverty falls flat.

  2. ali

    I was delivering a pizza to capp and 24th during the shooting. scary

  3. SFrentier

    Me bored shitless..

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