Savage Cave in the Mission

Adam Savage from the popular show Mythbusters has a secret man-cave (or workshop) in the Mission where he keeps costumes, a pool table, multiple Burning-Manesque goggles, a hammerhead shark figure hanging from the ceiling, a neatly ordered stack of colored masking-tapes, a unicycle, a Hell Boy model and much more.

Check it out on a 360 view—it’s entertaining and a bit like playing Where’s Waldo?

[…]a paradise for any technology, film aficionado. […] IKEA shelves, LED lights recommended by Savage to be bought online and not at the hardware store, where they charge you ten times more for them. Via CNet en Español.

Although the workshop is in the Mission, Mythbusters has shot in multiple locations in the Bay Area.

The Chronicle visited the “MythBusters” set during the first season, when they could test experiments outside of Hyneman’s workshop near Potrero Hill without a single fan showing up. Read more of the story published in 2013 in the Chronicle.

Also, I realize I might be late to this news because according to SFGate Savage, one of the stars from Mythbusters, has been living in the Mission for over 20 years, although:

They upgraded to a new house about three years ago, with an accompanying one-car garage that didn’t leave much room for creation. (“That was supposed to be my shop, but of course it’s the Mission. You can’t give up your parking space.”)

His wife suggested finding warehouse space nearby. A couple of months later, the lease for Savage’s workshop – which he affectionately calls “The Cave” – was signed. READ MORE.

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