Reader Callout: Let’s Make a Tech Directory

Photo by Art Jonak

Makers, techies, Internet busybodies…lend us your brain power.

We’re making a directory of tech companies based (or with satellite offices) in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The catalog will be useful for reporters and the public alike. When we need a comment from a start-up, we’ll have folks to reach out to. When you’re an out-of-work software engineer, you’ll know some options.

More importantly, Mission residents can better understand what technology-focused commerce and creativity is happening in the hood. And knowledge of the tech sector is power.

 Take a look at this simple Google spreadsheet. Share it. Please add company names, annotate with physical and virtual addresses, link to stories about them, too. (The Mission’s ZIP is 94110, if that helps.)

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  1. Missionite

    Great idea! In the name of transparency let’s also get a doc circulated that has the names, personal emails and home addresses of the ML contributors. You know, in case the readers have an urgent question or just want to add you to our Christmas card list, nothing more than that 🙂

    • Backtotheburbs

      Wait, you’re having trouble finding ML? But you’re commenting on their site, seems pretty transparent. And each of their articles is signed by a staff member. They’re not asking for the names of addresses of individuals but just the names of local businesses, right? If you don’t want your ‘local’ startup to be listed then don’t participate but also don’t cry if crowd sourcing ends up being effective. This does seems to be a good test of who wants to be integrated in their local community …

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