Queen of 60s Pop and Beehives Performs Tonight

Ronnier Spector. Image courtesy of Brick and Mortar Music Hall.

The one and only Ronnie Spector, front woman of the Ronnettes, pop music icon, and hair-spiration , comes to the Mission tonight… and it looks like there’s still tickets!

Spector, talked to the Bay Guardian in this week’s issue, and dished about her career, it’s a very delightful read. Here’s a cathartic taste:

So: Why would someone who’s lived such a full life — not to mention a self-described homebody — put herself through the rigors of a touring stage show at a time in her life when she could be resting on her laurels? Or at least, one might think, just resting?

“Because I love it — it lets all of my emotions out,” says Ronnie, sounding straight-up girlishly, genuinely excited. “When I first started, of course, I was scared to death: I’ve been on stage singing since I was a little girl, but I never had to sit down and talk to an audience. Now, I feel so good after I do that show. I go through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I tell them everything, and I’m nervous every time, but I love it.”

A little like on-stage therapy, no?

“I stopped going to therapy when I started ‘Beehive’!” she cries. “Who needs a psychiatrist? My show is my therapy. The audience loves it, I love it, and I get to tell them things I never got to talk about.

“Because a lot of stories from my life — ooh, if walls could talk…”

Read full article here and go shake it at the show tonight!

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  1. Andy

    Ronnie Spector was never on Motown, nor was she from Detroit. She was from NY and recorded her hits in LA by Phil Spector, not Mr. Barry Gordy.


    • Daniel Hirsch Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I was using Motown as the word for a genre of music that includes 60s girl groups, but I realize this was imprecise use of language. I’ll update headline shortly!

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