Mayor Ed Lee signs a budget for fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Photo via Mayor's Office

Today, Mayor Ed Lee signed a balanced budget for the next two years, boosting funding to ongoing areas of concern citywide – and issues that may resonate particularly in the Mission like affordable housing, eviction prevention and Muni service.

The $8.6-billion-a-year budget includes provisions for:

– $50 million to expedite affordable housing projects (by supporting new projects, rebuilding existing public housing and funding “eviction prevention”).

–  $24.7 million allotted specifically for eviction prevention services.

– More than $20 million for San Francisco’s Human Services Agency, which offers eviction prevention services as well as food assistance, job training and services for seniors and adults with disabilities.

– $83 million to repair streets on 1,700 city blocks, in an effort to prevent damage to both city drivers and public transit vehicles.

– The city will hire 300 new police officers, 96 firefighters and 30 paramedics.

– More than $290 million will go to the Children’s Fund and Public Education Enrichment Fund; nearly $56 million of which is earmarked for Preschool for All, an early-education program expected to reach 4,100 qualified children.

– And to address Muni delays and overcrowding, services will increase by 10 percent over the next two years.

Expect more details about the city’s 2015-2016 financial plan in our future coverage, including insight into the “eviction prevention” services cited in the newly approved budget.

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  1. At least we don’t see Campos with his fake smile or Alvalos. Although in a picture we don’t have to listen to Avalos bad speaking skills.

    1. Odd that neither Campos or Avalos were present, given that this budget is packed full of pork, fluff and lard for their favorite constituencies.

      Good to see the public safety hires in there anyway.

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