Mission Spends Its Cash on Babies and Rent

Artwork in process on S. Van Ness at 15th St. in 2012. Photo by George Lipp.

The financial budgeting site Mint.com has released data showing how much their San Francisco users spend on everything from going out to eat (a lot) to rent (even more). The data, which was gathered between May 2013-2014, comes from people who track their expenses online and on their mobile devices, so it may be slightly skewed to an affluent tech-saavy crowd.

The data from Mission and Bernal Heights shows an average monthly paycheck of $5,964.94 with an average $1,900.52 going to mortgage and rent.

This means that the average annual salary is $71,579.28. If you are earning this amount of money a year and have babies, chances are you spend quite some time working and therefore spend a monthly average of $1,359.15 on babysitting and daycare, the number one expense besides rent and mortgages.

Mission residents seem to spend equal amounts of money on groceries –$373.29– and going out to eat at restaurants –318.57. And, when residents eat out at restaurants they spend on alcohol as well. The average monthly expense dedicated to bars and alcohol is of $103.09.

In terms of fitness, Mission residents seem to be slackers. According to Mint.com, Mission users spend $95.30 a month on the gym, not nearly as much as the $150.88 that the Embarcadero and SoMa residents do.

Here are more details on expenses per neighborhood. And, check out the Bold Italic’s rundown of the average expenses in SoMa.

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  1. LN

    The average monthly paycheck must be take-home pay, as there’s no way a person can afford the rent and childcare outlined on a $71k salary in SF.

    • Sam

      No, the numbers crunch. As cited:

      $1,900 for housing
      $1,350 for childcare
      $700 for food
      $100 for licqor
      $100 for gym membership

      That adds to $4,150 which is easily less than the take-home out of that average $72K a year average, given that there are substantial tax deductions for being married, having a kid and, for many, mortgage interest and property tax.

      • Backtotheburbs

        1900$ mortgage? In the mission? Good luck with that …
        Also, 1900$ housing for kids in the Mission? Um, more like circa 2004.

        Also 2/3 of the city are renters, that ratio is higher in the Mission, and effectively no tax deductions available.

        This is of course assuming that everyone lives without electricity, internet, phone, transport, health care, being naked, and a few other basic essentials.

        • Sam

          Nope, $1900 a month will get you a mortgage of about 400K at current rates. Lots of people have mortgages around that figure.

          The numbers look right to me but remember that they are an AVERAGE, so of course there will be many cases lower than that. About 50% in fact.

  2. Missionite

    This is a fascinating datapoint, however your interpretation is flawed because these averages only include those who spend in that category, and hence, exclude $0. The majority of Mission residents don’t have children, so the average of $1,359.15 for childcare is likely spent by a fraction of the residents (we can’t determine from this data) – and probably those on the higher end of the income spectrum.

    • Backtotheburbs

      Majority? Best to take a walk around. Or count the schools in the neighborhood.

      Your zero argument applies to every category and zero is perfectly reasonable xpenditure value.

      • Missionite

        Someone already did, according to the Census only 16% of households in 94110 have children under age 18. Furthermore the $1900 housing figure also includes rent, and includes people who are contributing to a mortgage or rent, not the entire mortgage/rent amount. This is interesting data and deserves deeper insight than what is presented.

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