Good Morning Mission!

It is 7 a.m., 58° and headed to 64°. Details for the next 10 days here. 

So. Benches that double as fold-out shelters for the homeless (via Fast Company)? Nice.

Which ZIP code emits the most greenhouse gas emissions? UC Berkeley brains break down the whole country here, and say, “Blame the suburbs.”

On the “affordability meltdown” of SF, and if restaurants pay workers more—will they survive? (Via Edible San Francisco).

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  1. Sam

    Affordability meltdown? Give me a break.

    Yes, the startling truth is that not everyone who wants to live in a desirable town necessarily has the desirable skills necessary to be able to afford it. Nothing shocking there.

    But the good news is this. This desirable town is surrounded by less desirable towns where those with less desirable skills can afford to live.

    This is hardly news. SF has had half a million workers commuting into the city since forever.

    And if servers whine too much and get paid too much, they might find that diners start tipping them less. A lot less.

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