Good Morning Mission!

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It is 7 a.m., 57° and headed to 63°. Details for the next ten days here.

There are almost 700 rentals listed on Airbnb for the Mission. And no one has to get a B&B license right now! SFGate reports.

In-N-Out Burger and Chipotle will raise prices. Blame the drought, says the Sun (newspaper).

A 98-year-old Mission resident fights eviction, with the help of a few of friends and a megaphone. More from the Business Insider.

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Wear sunscreen!

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  1. Sam

    Those 700 short-term rentals in the Mission exist only because the city’s policies have made offering long-term rentals so unattractive. No property owner would otherwise choose short-term rentals because they are a lot more work. And if short-term lets were banned, even assuming that could be enforced, those units are lost to the long-term market in the same way as almost all vacant RC units are.

    The real number is of course far more than 700 because those are only the ones through Airbnb. There are various other intermediaries doing short-term lets and they are based outside of SF which is attractive to clients because the city cannot put the same pressure on them than they can on a business located in SF.

    I’ve done a lot of short-term lets and I have mostly used CraigsList or some direct contacts I have with major tech employers.

    It’s not clear to me that any meaningful regulation can be enforced due to the informal, shared nature of such arrangements, but some clarity would be welcome, and Chiu’s ideas are not totally without merit.

  2. Frank

    Supposedly, the State Assembly heard testimony that the 98-year-old woman was offered a lifetime lease. Why did she refuse?

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