According to police reports, the long weekend was pretty quiet in the Mission—but it wasn’t completely without incident. There were at least two robberies, both of which occurred on 24th Street.

Elsewhere in the city, SFPD is investigating four homicides.

On the afternoon of 4th of July at around 4:30, one photographer was setting up a composition on 24th and Folsom when two young men snatched the camera from his hands. The photographer, a 52 year-old-man according to police reports, chased after the suspects on foot but was punched in the face by the suspected robbers.

Undeterred by the assault, the photographer apparently chased after the suspects in his car. As they fled the scene, the suspects threw the purloined camera on the ground and escaped on foot. According to police, the unlucky photographer went home with abrasions to his cheek and ankle, not to mention a smashed camera.

Early Saturday morning at Shotwell and 24th Street, two men were robbed by two other men with a handgun. The victims handed over money and cell phones; the suspects fled on foot.