Family-Run Chuck’s Grocery Store Closes

Chuck's Grocery Store, on the corner of Cortland and Bocana in Bernal Heights, closes after some 40 years. Photo from Yelp.

Located on the corner of Cortland Avenue and Bocana Street, Chuck’s Grocery Store has closed after some 40 years in its Bernal Heights location.

The store was run by the Lana family, who immigrated to the United States from Chile in 1973, during the turbulence of the Pinochet dictatorship.

On Yelp, users praised the stores “fantastic” and “terrific” wine selection, as well as lauding the place for its imported “candies and treats.” The friendliness of the Lana family was another common theme, some Yelpers calling Antoinette, the store’s owner, “welcoming”, “lovely,” and “sweet,” as well as praising her expert food and liquor suggestions.

One neighbor, Michael Nolan, had this to say:

Chuck’s Grocery Store, also known as Reliable Grocery, is scheduled to close tomorrow after 40 years at its Cortland & Bocana location. I’ve known and enjoyed this incredible Palestinian-Chilean-San Francisco family for most of that time. I’d like to thank Chuck for letting me run a tab when money was scarce and I needed milk for the family. And to Vera for the tasty homemade salsa she would give me. And to Antoinette for providing an evening social center when I was feeling lonely and unappreciated. Thank you, Lama Family, for lifting my spirits. Por favor, let’s stay in touch!

The Bernalwood blog has more on the closing.

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