You turn to Mission Local to find out what’s going on in our district, to find out about what works and what doesn’t. We’re launching an occasional series called “Burning Questions,” in which we deep dive into topics great and small. And here’s the story behind one moving staircase…that does not move.

How long has that BART escalator at the 24th / Mission Street Station been broken?

Since April. Of course, there are other means of entering/escaping the train platform. Try the stairs, the street elevator, or the other escalator.

What happened?

Blame it on a step crash, a BART rep said. (Due to heavy-footed commuters… is just our guess.) In short, the escalator needs new steps – plus a chain that moves the steps. Also the escalator gear box cracked, so that needs rebuilding, too.

Sign at The 24th / Mission Street Station BART. By Laura Wenus.

Sign at The 24th / Mission Street Station BART. By Laura Wenus.

When will it be fixed?

Naturally, having an escalator sets you up for the expectation that it will escalate you ‘tween levels. BART gets that. But “the escalator will be out of service until at least the first week of August,” BART Communications Manager Alicia Trost forecasted.

Notice the “at least.”

I have nagging questions about when this escalator was built?

OK, OK. This escalator was installed in 1998. It replaced an endless circulating belts of stairs that had been there since 1972.

How do I get an apology for all this broken-escalator bother?

Right here: “We are sorry for the inconvenience this lengthy outage has caused our riders,” Trost, the BART spokesperson, said in an email. “This is a complete rebuild and we are working quickly to get it back in service.”

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