Best Phone Coverage in the Mission?

The Sprint speediest results for the Mission.

Bad cellular coverage.

Mobile downloads that dribble slowly onto your phone like summer Jello down an alley wall…

No. Not all mobile broadband speeds are equal in the Mission.

And based on crowd-sourced, mobile speedtests proferred up by anonymous and unpaid users of Sensorly’s app, you can see maps showing 4G, 3G, 2G and WiFi coverage around the neighborhood…and 50 countries worldwide (if you ever venture out the 94110).

Last year Sensorly, a French company, began sharing user-generated data about carriers’ speedtests – which are essentially fitness tests for those endurance horses we call smartphones.

Sensorly then sells that performance assessment to carriers, so they know how their networks are performing.

From the looks of it, Sprint is weak sauce here in the Mission. AT&T has the biggest blob of intense coverage, according to Sensorly’s maps.

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