A Music-Filled Afternoon for Monsignor Romero

San Francisco still remembers Oscar Romero. Photo by Bridget Huber.

The Brava Theater will be celebrating the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero with a series of musical performances in “Monsignor Romero — A Unity Song.” The show opens Sunday, July 27, with tickets going for $30 and showings at 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Archbishop Romero was a vocal opponent of human rights abuses by the government of El Salvador during the country’s civil war, and criticized the United States for providing aid to the military junta. He even wrote a personal letter to Jimmy Carter in 1980 urging a change to U.S. policy, a plea that went unanswered. He was assassinated in March of that year, while conducting mass at a small hospital chapel.

The Brava promises to represent this “labor of hope, love, and unity” in “an afternoon filled with music, songs, folklorico dances, beautiful marimba sounds and many more surprises.” The show will feature more than a dozen musical groups.

These groups hail from various Latin American countries — Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile and, of course, El Salvador — and are led by music director Coco Linares and dance director Mauricio Bonilla.

Ballet Teatro Mauricio Bonilla – Performing for the first time direct from El Salvador
Centro Cultural Ushua – Peru-USA
Culcacalli Musica y Danza – Mexico
Daniel Kiri Escobar – Direct from Peru
Francisco Herrera – Mexico
Liliana Herrera – Mexico
Los Cha Boys y sus Marimbas – Guatemala
Maria Marquez – Venezuela
Max Martinez – El Salvador
Mochi Parra – Chile
Musa del Sol – Direct from El Salvador

The show will benefit the Monsignor Romero Foundation in El Salvador, with 25 percent of ticket sales going to help erect a statue of Romero in Rome.

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