826 Valencia is expanding to the next big thing in San Francisco: The Tenderloin.

According to a post on 826 Valencia, the non-profit has received a large grant from an anonymous foundation to expand their tutoring services to children between 6-18 years old.

826 Valencia has received half a million dollars and in the next year is looking to raise over 1.5 million to secure the operation and open up the new location in the Tenderloin. “We are looking to engage a foundation, corporation or individual donors,” said Jessica Partch Blair, Development Director of 826 Valencia.

The organization started the Pirate Store in 2002 as a way to comply with the retail zoning requirements of their site and to add revenue to their tutoring operation. Their programs are free and bilingual and are intended for children, but they also provide an opportunity for overburdened teachers and talented adults that wish to volunteer. At their new site, they will expand the programs in after-school tutoring, as well as storytelling and in-depth writing workshops.

The new site will continue to follow the same model: It will be a service site and a pirate store. But one thing at a time, since first they have to get a real estate and then develop outreach.

When asked if the Tenderloin would offer a profitable array of customers hungry for pirate supplies, Partch Blair answered that “the tech community in the mid-Market area has a strong presence and there is a big retail opportunity with the tourism, hotels and Union Square close by, so we are looking for a location that is also accessible to our volunteers.”

If you have any hot leads on real-estate for them, shoot them an email at Tenderloin at 826Valencia.org. The non-profit is also looking for volunteers, donors, students and supplies.

Check out Mission Hiring, 826 Valencia has two positions open right now.