Thrift Town Giving Away 40 Inch TV, Camera, Comeputer

It sounds like an oxymoron that Thrift Town is giving away new items, but there is more to it than that.

If you have (or are) a teen that went to Thrift Town to get their prom dress, you are in for a nice surprise. Thrift Town is giving away a Microsoft Surface computer, a 40 inch LED TV and a WiFi Smart Camera and each item comes with a $100 gift card for use in the store to the people that send in an entry with the following:

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  •     30% = Dress/Suit actually worn to a prom or donated to charity

  •     30% = Creativity/Originality

  •     40% = Story/Description MORE DETAILS HERE

Think of all the stuff you can get with $100 at the thrift store.

I imagine different scenarios in which you would have gone to Thrift Town to get your prom dress or suit.

1. You have hippie parents and there was no way they would go into the mainstream stores, but you got a kickass gown or suit because they agreed to drive you to each and every of the 14 locations until you found the one you wanted. Hippie parents give you infinite love, but limited money.

2. You are a teen that hates prom, but your parents swore to you it was the greatest experience of their lives and so you had to go. You outsmarted your parents and told them you went to Macy’s for a new dress, but instead you kept the money and spent less than half at Thrift Town. You are now reading Mission Local and are about to submit your entry to the Thrift Town contest and you will win one of the prizes.  Your parents are missing out.

More details about the contest here.

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  1. godzuki

    So great.

    Where is the “giving back” from all the overpriced stores on Valencia?

  2. beerwad

    BTW, the picture is of Mission Thrift, not Thrift Town.

  3. rwiggum

    Nice story but why is it accompanied by a picture of Mission Thrift?

  4. 17 reasons

    the picture is mission thrift not thrift town.

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