This Shirt Might Save Your Life

The city might be slow in building a bigger and better bicycle infrastructure, but fashion might just fill in the gap. Mission District-based clothier Betabrand has created a plaid shirt with a reflective threading sewn into it so that you are easier to spot while riding your bicycle.

This publication describes it as prime hipster fashion. And, this is how Steven B. Wheeler from Betabrand describes his shirt:

This is a poly-cotton shirt that by day is a mild-mannered button-down, and by night becomes brilliant, ultra-reflective shirt that exponentially increases your visibility. It’s perfect for cyclists and commuters who want a casual, shirt that will keep them safe at night. Via Betabrand.

It is also available in long sleeve in case you can’t wait to wear it this summer.

Oh, and don’t forget to use your helmet. Or are you one of those peeps who cares too much about hair? Just carry a comb or something…

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  1. Missionite

    I love Betabrand, such a great addition to the neighborhood!

  2. godzuki

    The sweat shop at 6th and Mission actually makes their products. Does Betabrand pay you for this PR?

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