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Photo via SF Public Press

If you haven’t yet found a good map to reference when traveling by bicycle, then you will find the San Francisco Bicycle Map System very useful. It is composed of 17 routes in the style of a subway map—usually very easy to follow for the colors and diagram look.

Mat Kladney submitted his map design last year to the exhibit See-Through Maps and was a finalist. His purpose was to be able to provide an efficient route for cyclists in the form of an attractive and familiar reference tool, hence the subway map style. This is how Kladney envisions it:

Need to get from Downtown to the Bernal Heights? Just follow the Blue Line. This simplicity will reframe the existing San Francisco bicycle lanes as the San Francisco Bicycle System and will help convince more people to saddle up and take to the streets.

I imagine color coded (and coated) bike racks taking up a parking spot at each station on this map. These stations will be dotted along each route, not just providing vital infrastructure for cyclists, but providing a easy to follow pathway. Next to each bike rack could exist a ‘station’ similar to a bus stop with system maps, local maps and other relevant information.  Lastly, this map has been designed to help the SFMTA refocus its efforts and see the bike infrastructure as a legitimate addition to its bus, train and taxi system that already exists.

The San Francisco Public Press has three routes that Kladney has been enjoying lately. Here’s a taste:

1. O’Shaughnessy hill along Glen Canyon and connecting it to Laguna Honda. It is a long, slightly steep hill, but very bikable and beautiful along the whole length of the trail. READ MORE HERE.

And, click here for a pdf version of the map.

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    Need to go from Elizabeth Street to Mission 351 Shotwell

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