Shooting at 16th and Dolores, Suspects at Large

Corner of 16th and Dolores Street. Image from Google Maps.

At around 5 this morning, residents at the usually quiet corner of 16th and Dolores awoke to the sounds of gunshots. A man in his early 30s had been shot multiple times and was lying on the curb on the 3200 block of 16th Street, near Grace Fellowship Community Church.

Neighbors, who reported to Mission Local that they heard six gunshots, called the police, who were on the scene within minutes—but not before the shooters had vacated the premises. According to the neighbors, the victim was lying on the ground between two cars when officers arrived.

According to SFPD Public Information Officer Albie Esparza, there are two suspects at large but at this time SFPD has no specific descriptions of the gunmen. Esparza explained that the victim was incoherent when officers arrived at the scene and could not provide more details about the suspects.

“It’s a possible robbery shooting,” Esparza said. “But nothing is listed as stolen.”

The shooting victim is currently in surgery at San Francisco General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“It’s unusual to have a shooting at 16th and Dolores; it’s a very quiet area normally,” Esparza said.

We’ll update this story with more information when we have it. To share anonymous tips with the SFPD’s Mission Station, you can call 413-552-4558.

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  1. lasertag

    Third murder in a week? Where are the protests?

    • Neighbor

      There have been three murders in the past week, but this isn’t one of them.

      I dunno, why don’t you start a protest if you want there to be one? I’m no fan of the events that have happened, but it’s a big city, kids have easy access to guns, school’s out, the weather’s warmer–lots of predictable reasons why we’re seeing more of this.

      • lasertag

        My comment was referring to the visible protests opposed to the tech population and the increase in rents. Seems odd that there are no protests when people are being killed. Unfortunately it is just accepted as “life in the Mission”

  2. lasertag

    3rd murder in a week. Where are the protests?

    • Blexxxxch

      Yeah, if you want a protest organize one. If you’re trying to be funny, save it. Seems like you might be a little hurt by all the tech backlash……?

  3. Missionite

    And yet the day some crackhead stumbles in front of a shuttle the Mission will be shut down with protests.

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